Thursday, January 31, 2013

China Day 5

This post may have lots of typos and might not make sense.  I'm writing it on the floor with a little girl playing beside me at 5:15 am.  It wasn't written last night because someone wanted to party until 9:00 and we both crashed in bed. 

Day 4 was nothing short of amazing. We were supposed to go visit Huidong County SWI where Olivia spent her first 14 months.  But, due to her intense grieving we cancelled the trip.  We were sure that it would make us lose any progress we had made and we didn't want her to go through the same goodbyes she went through on Monday.  Of course Brad and I are sad that we may never see where she lived during her infancy but, right now our priority is making our little girl feel secure with us. 

Olivia woke up Happy to see her momma.  She snuggled in and drank a bottle.  From that point on she was great.  I was nervous because every other morning I showered before she woke up.  I decided I would put her on a mat with toys outside the shower so she could watch me.  There were no tears.  She just sat and watched.  She even sat alone on the bed while I got dressed.  This is huge because she hasn't left my lap or arms AT ALL since we got her.  I think she is starting to feel a bit more secure that we arent' going anywhere.  She really came alive today and out of the "check out" state she had been in.  She has started getting into everything and playing with her toys.  She is understanding English words such as, her name, mama, dada, high five, clap, and beep beep as a cue to play the beep nose game.

 This girl EATS.  She must have her snack trap at all times. 

We spent the rest of the day at Shamian Island.  The island is just gorgeous.  It is full of gardens, statues, shops and restaurants.  There are brides and models everywhere being photographed.  Our girl came alive here.  She ran around chasing a ball and even gave us some giggles.  She really interacted with her daddy which of course made his day.  I am not sure I can adequately put the joy that today brought us into words so I'm going to post pics that speak more than words.

We couldn't believe she actually sat in a stroller. 

A few menu choices on the island.  We chose to go to Lucy's, an American cafe and have a burger and fries

This is a church on the island.  You have to show your passport to enter because Chinese people are not allowed to worship there. 

Smiles for mama

 We think her crooked smile is the best.

Running back and forth between mama and dada

 Another crooked smile
 Our China Doll

Little one reverted back to her grieving at night and cried until 9:00 pm.  That's okay though.  We will take it.  Today was so worth it.

The pics below are just some scenes out our van window on the ride to the hotel.  This is traditional China city living.

This is a very tall apartment building and the colors you see are laundry hanging from each window/balcony


  1. Amazing. Great great turning point day. We are so glad for you -- and grateful. Again about all I have to say is this: YAY GOD!

  2. Ahh. Such a wonderful day. Love the smiles.

  3. this makes my heart burst with joy for you and my eyes are filled with happy tears. i LOVE the picture of Olivia and Brad in the background... {father's day present framed?!} and ADORE the one of her with the statues. so perfect. seriously miss you so much. can't wait to meet that sweet china doll of yours.