Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Face We Have Been Waiting For

This is the face we have fallen in love with.  This is our daughter, the girl we have been dreaming about having in our arms.  This is the baby who our kids call "sissie".  This is the girl that many of you have donated your time, money, skills and prayers toward. 

This is Olivia Tinsman Sund who we will hold in 12 shorts days!!!

These two are the referral photos that we saw the day we received her file. 
By the grace of God I met the mother of a little girl at Olivia's orphanage on-line shortly after receiving our referral. (read about it in this blog post) We got 3 more pictures of Olivia who helped celebrate her buddies first birthday. 
(Olivia is the one in the yellow shirt looking at the camera)
On Nov. 23 Olivia turned 1. We sent her a birthday package and in return the orphanage sent us 11 beautiful pictures of our girl. Here are a couple.



I know I am her mom so I'm biased but isn't she gorgeous? 


  1. Yes!! Yes!! She is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to meet this very special little girl!

  2. So so so so happy. Please keep us posted as you can.