Sunday, January 27, 2013

China Day 2- GOTCHA DAY part 1

We woke up this morning after another rough night's sleep.  Brad was up for the day at 3:30 am and I woke up every 1-2 hrs through the night thinking it was morning.  I am actually surprised I slept at all though given the day we are about to have.  Despite a broken night's sleep I am rested and Brad is currently napping.  This morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at our hotel (The Garden Hotel) then explored the grounds a little.  There are adoptive famililes everywhere which is so fun to see.  Everyone is very friendly which makes being far away from home easier.  We made our way to the Care Four which is the Walmart here.  Boy was that a cultural experience!  Brad wouldn't let me take any pictures because we are already a spectacle.  People stare at his height which is pretty comical.  We managed to find some necessities like rice cereal so we can bring an already made bottle when we go get Olivia, bottled water, soda, snacks and beer.  We will go back later today with our guide for formula and diapers once we talk to Olivia's caregivers and find out what brand she is used to.

We have 3.5 hrs until we meet our daughter and we keep talking about how weird this all feels.  We aren't nervous.  We are excited but, no butterflies.  We aren't even wishing away the time.  I think we are trying to take it all in and just enjoy being in the moment.  I have read how others feel the same way on Gotcha Day.  It's such a peaceful feeling knowing that we are almost at the moment we have been waiting for so long.


  1. Tell Brad you have to have Carrefour pics!!! I can only imagine the gawking at y'all. But, they would do it regardless, just because you're westerners. That peaceful feeling is kinda crazy isn't it? I was so calm (until a certain point) and I know that feeling only comes from above. I will pray specifically that the jet lag improves soon and you all get some much needed rest.

  2. haven't read part 2 and already chokey. love the beer ;) and the short/tall comment though.