Sunday, January 13, 2013


The day we have been waiting so long for, travel assignment apparently came last Thursday. Unfortunately, we were not told about our TA arrival or given input onto when we would like to travel to China. That is a whole story which I am not going to get into. But, at this time our agency is working to get us there soon. We are of course praying to go before Chinese New Year which is Feb.8. If there are any more consulate appointments left, we will have our baby girl in our arms January 28 (one day after my birthday). If that doesn't work out, we will have her Feb. 18th. Either way, we have surrendered this to God. He is in control and he has written our beautiful adoption story in a way we never could have imagined ourselves. 

As I worshipped in church this morning, tears poured down my face. We Sang about trusting God at all times. He has taught me so much in this journey. Adoption is all about trust. We trusted God first with our finances, then to hand pick our child. Once matched, we trusted Him with with daughter since we are unable to care for her ourselves. We have trusted in his timing as all of the paperwork has moved from one step to the next. We have hit a bit of a hiccup during this last step. I am excited to find out God finishes our journey. Yes, I am anxious and yes I am emotional but, I think that is only normal during this time of uncertainty.

Praying for a timely answer of when our Gotcha Day will be. We were told mid-week next week but, I have hope it will be sooner.

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  1. Your faith is inspirational! Sometimes it is so hard for me to trust when I feel so out of control, but I know that everything that has happened in this journey so far has only happened because of Him and His perfect timing :-)
    I will be praying this week that you hear from our agency soon...and then it's time to start packing!!