Monday, January 28, 2013

Gotch Day part 2

So...I talked about not being nervous earlier in the day.  Well, about an hour before we were scheduled to meet our guide downstairs I started getting butterflies.  I don't think I was nervous, more excited.  We met the guide at 2:00 pm and the lobby was full of other families waiting for their gotcha moment.  The energy was incredible.  We loaded in the van with another family from our agency.  They were adopting a 2.5 yr old and had their 6 yr old with them.  She reminds me so much of Kyrie and was so excited about becoming a big sister.  On the way to the civil affairs building we got a true taste of China.  The sites were amazing.  Crowds everywhere, people carrying large equipment on bikes and vendors galore.

We arrived at the Civil affairs building and it was nothing like I imagined.  It was a skinny building in an alleyway.  Once upstairs, the sign I have seen in so many gotcha day pictures made the room look familiar.
We were inside for only a few minutes before our guide told us they were ready.  Olivia's nanny who I recognized from her pictures brought her out.  Sweet girl looked me so deeply in the eyes and held it together until the hand off.

We were allowed a few mintues to ask the nannys questions about her.  They let us know that Olivia is very smart, a good baby and likes to sleep. They say food and TV are what makes her happy.  I think she and her brother will get along just fine.
We handed off the lovies and the nannies were so appreciative then we got in the van to head to the store for diapers and milk (she isn't on formula).  I put her in the ergo at the store and she called right down.  She loves snuggles.

Back at the hotel we did some paperwork with our guide then headed to dinner with the guide and another family from our agency.  Olivia was okay at dinner as long as I was standing with her in the ergo.  It made for an interesting meal.  I finally sat down and took her coat off because she was sweating from all the layers the orphanage had her in.  I decided to try to feed her a bit of my dinner.  She gobbled up rice, soup and radishes.  We headed back to the hotel where she screamed on and off but finally fell asleep on my chest.  She slept snuggled beside me and only stirred around 4:00am.  I decided to give her a bottle since she didn't take one at all for me yesterday.  She is now sound asleep next to Brad and thanks to my dear friend jet lag I am wide awake blogging.
Praying for a new day today and beginnings of a healed bro ken heart.  We are completely in love with our precious girl.

 *** I have lots more pics to add but the Internet is spotty so I'm gonna have to stick with these for now


  1. I thought I posted already to say YAY and wow wow wow WOW and thank You, LORD, but tat comment seems to have evaporated. Visa e-mail I am sending you a photo by a friend of mine that I think captures this moment for your littlest girl. Poignant courageous beautiful sweet!

  2. How wonderful! So happy for you all. Enjoy this special time bonding. She is precious. I can't wait to see more pics.

  3. She looks like she is laughing in one picture! I just love all of them. Such a sweet beautiful baby! At least you don't have to worry about formula, and awesome that she's eating solids! She's such a superstar- already exceeding expectations:-) I love seeing her sleeping on your chest in the carrier. Can't wait to see more in the coming days. Enjoy your time together. Every single day gets better, I promise. I get to see your other sweet kiddos at school tomorrow, will high five them on the new addition!

  4. oh my goodness. tears. just want to snuggle with her too. this pictures are special. you will treasure these always. the last one is perfect. thank you so much for giving us a glimpse! she is beautiful. ahh.

  5. All our love from FL. Josh, Kat and Lillie!

  6. Love the snuggle pic, SO HAPPY for your family!