Friday, April 17, 2015


I just read this post  on one of my favorite adoption related blogs, No Hands But Ours.  It made me think a lot about our first year home.  At the time it didn't seem too hard.  We had been taught by our social worker, fellow adoptive families and our agency to focus solely on attachment with our new child.  We did and as we watched Olivia fit seamlessly into our family it seemed all things were sailing well.  However, in hindsight I see that to focus solely on your new child is not healthy.  Family suffers, marriage suffers, friends suffer and YOU suffer.  Everyone needs REST.

For the first time in 8 years I do not have a baby or toddler in my home and I am not pregnant, nursing or paper chasing.  I am finding REST.

I set out in the beginning of this year with a personal challenge.  I am not sure where this came from as I have always loved working out but, I have never had the desire to run a race.  I signed up to run a 10K.  I found those long training runs to be RESTFUL.  No I wasn't sitting or sleeping or really doing anything restful at all.  But, I was doing something for ME and spending time with ME in my own thoughts.  I prayed a lot on those runs.  Most days my prayers get interrupted by the little voices of my children so praying in solitude feels luxurious.  

REST comes in all forms.  I encourage you tired and weary mamas to find your way to REST.  You deserve it.  Your children deserve it.  Your husbands deserve it.  Your friends deserve it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Few words are necessary.  It was a perfect day spent as a family, playing, eating and worshiping the One who gave it all so we may live this life only possible through his Grace.

Spring Break

Our spring break didn't go quite as planned.  Friday, after school Brooks complained of a belly ache.  I hoped and prayed it was from the candy consumed at his class Easter party.  But, my mommy gut was telling me something was up.  Just as Kyrie and I cut the cauliflower to make our cauliflower crust pizza, Brooks puked.  And it happened over and over again for the next twelve hours.  Meanwhile, Kyrie also got sick within a couple of hours of Brooks falling ill.  At that point I told Brad to cancel our hotel.  We were supposed to spend the weekend in Hilton Head meeting our friends.  This would have a been an extra special meeting as their daughter Kate and Olivia have a connected past as they lived together in China.  

Come Sunday, I decided I would be brave and make the 10-12 hr trek to Nana and Poppie's solo.  I was pulling out of the garage when I noticed Kyrie looking rather green.  I asked if she was going to be sick.  Her "I don't know" response was enough for me to call off the trip.

Don't worry though!  In true Nana fashion everything worked out.  By 7:00 pm that night Nana's flight landed and she was ready to surprise the kids when they woke up the next morning.

Our Hilton Head and Florida Spring break turned staycation ended up turning out to be a fantastic alternative.  We enjoyed going to the movies, crafting, doing science experiments, visiting Carowinds, parks and just spending time together.  Brad and I benefited from many date nights thanks to Nana.

I may have won super mom honors when I let them paint faces for no reason.  I'm pretty sure the neighbors weren't too thrilled when Kyrie painted all of their childrens' faces as well.  Sorry guys.

My Hulk

Little Lady bug

When it was time for Nana to leave all three kids sobbed the whole way home from the airport.  Mommy may have shed a tear or two too.  We hate having all of our family so far away. 

Don't fear. Nana left a little spending money to brighten everyone's day. Olivia sure likes what she picked out.  Miss sassy!