Thursday, August 22, 2013

Letting Go

Nothing could have prepared me for this day.  The day that I have been anticipating since she was born.  I left our first born in Kindergarten.  It felt so strange to walk her down the long yellow hallway to her class where she would meet 23 other children and 3 teachers, where I would leave her for 7 hours trusting that she would find her way to the right bus and finally home to me.

I laid in bed the night before Kindergarten crying about what was about to happen.  I was letting her go.  I have been with her to witness every big moment, every first for the last 6 years and now some one else gets to be there.  Someone else will watch her learn to sound out new words, make up stories and play pretend on the play ground.  Letting go is hard.

I left her classroom in tears as I said goodbye.  They were tears not only of sadness as this chapter of our lives is closing but, tears of pride.  I couldn't be more proud of who our daughter is.  I pray that her love for Jesus will shine to the other students.  She has a gift of nurturing like no other and I pray that that will be used for good in her kindergarten class and beyond.  So thankful that God has entrusted me to be Kyrie's mommy.

 A sweet goodbye

The reunion at the bus stop couldn't have been better.  She and Brooks ran to each others arms (he even cried with happiness) as they were squirted with silly string.  She was bouncing up and down excited to tell me how great her first day was.  Her favorite part was the bus, she ate all of her lunch and had fun building with blocks during centers.  She only missed me once and her teacher made her feel much better.  Oh sweet girl, we are so proud of how brave you are.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Ice Cream You Scream...

Sunday was a big day. I dreaded taking Olivia to church because for the past week I haven't been able to step out of the room without her crying. She has also gone to waking up multiple times a night again. Brad decided he would drop her in nursery to make the separation easier. Well, when I picked her up she was running around happily playing. This is a first. Usually she is being held by a volunteer and its obviously she has been crying. 

To top off our great morning at church they had a bunch of ice cream trucks out side to celebrate the last Sunday of summer.  Perfect morning.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

iPhone Dump

Trying to soak up every last moment of summer before Kyrie starts kindergarten, Brooks starts his new preschool and I go back to work.  Therefore I haven't taken out the camera much and have had no motivation to blog about any deep adoption related emotional stuff.

So here is a simple iPhone photo dump post.

Trip to the zoo

My redneck family.  Brad and Olivia on the lawnmower racing Brooks and Ky on
the power wheels.
Sissy love in the car

Mrs. Mindy trying to pull Kyrie's tooth

Kyrie's first sleepover at a friends with 4 friends.  They had cupcakes and sang in honor of Kyrie's birthday a few weeks before.

Telling "scary" stories

Reese and Olivia riding in the way back on our spontaneous road trip