Wednesday, August 14, 2013

iPhone Dump

Trying to soak up every last moment of summer before Kyrie starts kindergarten, Brooks starts his new preschool and I go back to work.  Therefore I haven't taken out the camera much and have had no motivation to blog about any deep adoption related emotional stuff.

So here is a simple iPhone photo dump post.

Trip to the zoo

My redneck family.  Brad and Olivia on the lawnmower racing Brooks and Ky on
the power wheels.
Sissy love in the car

Mrs. Mindy trying to pull Kyrie's tooth

Kyrie's first sleepover at a friends with 4 friends.  They had cupcakes and sang in honor of Kyrie's birthday a few weeks before.

Telling "scary" stories

Reese and Olivia riding in the way back on our spontaneous road trip

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