Monday, August 3, 2015

Camp Nana and Poppie 2015

As always, the highlight of our summer was Camp Nana and Poppie. 
The kids spent hours upon hours swimming every day.
We went to the beach quite a few times.

And collected shells....well some of us preferred collecting rocks.
We ate shrimp bigger than our heads

And had lots of chill time

We ate breakfasts mommy doesn't let us eat at home while breaking the no electronics at the table rule

We explored new parks

And searched for boats with our binoculars

Mommy had a night out with a sweet adoptive mama friend

We beached it some more

We braved the heat and went to Legoland

We found Poppie's twin

Olilvia and Lillie had a cousin sleepover and picked out the most sugary cereal they could find

Kyrie liked to baby Lillie and Lillie happily obliged

We had a little cousin at home spa day


We loved our time with big cousin Sophia

Kyrie's early birthday wish was a date with Poppie
I should also note that we had a wonderful night away to Oma's.  Our trip overlapped with her vacation to France so we didn't get much time (or sad!) together but, the kids sure did have a fun time. 

And if this wasn't fun enough.....Brad and I got to sneak away for a glorious 4 night cruise with friends while the kids got spoiled at home by Nana and Poppie. 
Grandparents are one of a child's greatest blessings in life and our children sure are fortunate to have the best of the best.   We love you Nana, Poppie and Oma. 

Summer 2015

Oh this poor neglected blog. 
I am not going to even attempt to catch up from all that I have missed so this is going to be one long Summer 2015 happenings post.
We kicked off summer with our traditional silly string fight straight off the bus and followed it by an ice cream sundae party with the neighbors.

The sisters had fun shopping while my new minivan (yes, I'm finally a minivan mom) was in the shop.

Brad and I ran our first race together.  It was such a fun date night.  A 5K at a local brewery followed by dinner with friends.

We enjoyed a picnic with our church adoption/foster group.  Love how this group keeps growing.

The big kids and I had a fun date at Carowinds riding all of the rides that Liv isn't quite tall enough for yet.

We had a family adventure day to the mountains for Father's Day.  We explored DuPont national forest and the kids couldn't get enough of catching tadpoles.

Brooks went to golf camp with two of his buddies

We enjoyed many weekends on the boat.

Cute little hineys

The boat puts Olivia to sleep every time.

 We found a new favorite park Uptown

We perfected our sewing and made some new projects

We visited old friends in the mountains and loved watching our kids become fast friends

Kyrie saw her first broadway show

Kyrie and Brooks enjoyed "big kid week" while Olivia went to camp.  They got their first library cards.

And painted pottery

Daddy taught them to fish and they all caught their first fish.

We also spent 2.5 weeks in Florida at camp Nana and Poppie but, that deserves a post on its own.
What a great summer it has been.  A big one!  My little buddy is off to kindergarten and my big girl is headed to second grade.  They are so excited to be in school together.  I am feeling pretty nostalgic and wondering why my babies can't stop growing however, I am looking forward to some fun one on one time with Oliva this fall.