Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lovies, Lovies everywhere!

I apologize that this blog entry is way overdue.  I got caught up in the holidays then was sick for 3 weeks and completely slacked on pictures and writing. 
In the middle of December my friend Marybeth who organized the Lovey collection came over to
drop off what
had been collected.  She brought a large garbage bag inside and I was in awe at how many beautiful lovies and blankets had been collected.  As I picked my jaw up, she said, "Oh there's more".  She proceeded to bring in 2 more large trash bags and 2 paper
shopping bags full of gorgeous blankets and lovies for the children left behind in China. I was completely in awe at the hard work that so many people put into this collection.
The hardest part for me is that I want to thank each person individually but, many of the donations were anonymous.

So here is my heart felt THANK YOU to all who blessed the orphans in China with their time, craftiness, money and big hearts.  We recently received pictures of Olivia's orphanage and I will tell you these blankets and lovies are needed.  We saw pictures of metal cribs with wooden bottoms.  Babies were asleep in those cribs with no mattress and no blanket.  What a blessing your gifts will be to these precious children!

On a side note:  We need to get these lovies to China.  We are thinking Space bags will be the answer to compressing them into 1 suitcase.  Does anyone else have a better suggestion?

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