Tuesday, January 29, 2013

China Day 3- Adoption Day

We had to wake sleeping beauty so she could Skype with her brother and sister and grandparents as well as have breakfast before meeting our guide at 9:15. Ky was smitten with "that precious baby girl". Olivia had a brief moment of crying when she got up but overall was content. She drank a bottle and let me dress her. You can't imagine how fun it was to dress hr bow and all. She has definitely started attaching to me and won't let me put her down. We were told she can walk but she cries whenever I move her off my lap. For now Brad is trying to win her over with food

Speaking of food she gobbled p yogurt melts and cherries before breakfast then congee, pork dumplings and fruit at breakfast. The girl loves to eat!

At 9:15 we met our guide who was in shock in the change in Olivia's demeanor overnight. I really thing co-sleeping was the answer. We headed back to the civil affairs building to finalize he adoption. It was amazing watching all of he little families that were formed yesterday taking their oaths.

On the way back to the hotel the guide had our driver stop at a local shop. We bought the girls some traditional silks. Poor baby was getting so tired since it was her nap time. We managed to keep her up and she finally crashed in her favorite spot....my chest when we got to the room. She is asleep now but keeps waking with moments of grief filled crying. World of difference today. Thank you to all who are praying.

After nap we enjoyed some quiet play time.  She will only sit on my lap but is now interacting more with toys and has started feeding herself finger foods rather than just opening up for me to feed her.  She got a bit fussy so went for a walk around the gardens at the hotel.  She loved watching the fish and looking at the waterfall.  We even got to hear her babble a few words.  Once back in the room I had to change for dinner so Brad had her.  She was upset so he decided to put her down to see if she can walk.  Sure enough she ran with arms open wide to my arms.  So sad yet so sweet at the same time.  I will note that for two dinners in a row we have had to tell our guide, "No knuckles, no chicken heads, no snakes and no dog" before she orders for us.  No lie!

Snack time in the room

Sleeping beauty

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  1. I still get the (good) chills thinking about that room at the Civil Affairs office. And how many families are made in that room. It was amazing to see. I'm happy she is bonding so well with you, and I know it will come with Brad in time. Love the pictures and updates. I am stalking your blog and FB at regular intervals!