Friday, February 1, 2013

China Day 6

After Olivia's early wake up, Brad knew I was in desperate need of coffee.  He decided to be brave and put her in the carrier to head across the street to Starbucks.  We fully thought this would be a disaster and that he would have to come back.  But, 1/2 hr later they were still gone.  Praise God!  She has turned the corner and is accepting her daddy.  She still much prefers me and won't let him hold her if I am around but, it was such great bonding for them to go on an adventure together.

After a short nap, we made it down to breakfast around 9:00.  She has now decided she doesn't want congee anymore.  Who blames her?  She has now tasted so many new foods.  Our agenda for the day was shopping with Ann from Red Thread.  She is the one who sent Olivia her birthday package from us.  It was so nice to thank her in person.  Ann took us to the wholesale markets.  We shopped for wedding pearls for Olivia as well as gifts for people back home.  Brad bought me a beautiful Jade bangle so I have something from our daughter's birth country.  I love it and will cherish it forever. 
The markets were absolutely incredible.  Shoppes lined the streets and up and down tall mall-like buildings.  Because we were with Ann we purchased everything at cost just as the store merchants would do.  I would highly recommend this experience to anyone planning to travel for adoption.

Picking out Olivia's wedding pearls.  We watched them string and knot each pearl 1 by 1.  We even picked out a clasp that says "happiness" in Chinese.

After shopping we took Olivia to the hotel playground.  She had a blast.

We loved having a free afternoon today.  This trip has been so fast paced and we are all exhausted.  Olivia took at 3 hour nap.  1.5hrs were in the crib and the rest snuggled on me.  Later we played in the room and then made a trip to Justco (think Target) for some necessities.  Brad decided Pizza Hut was in order for dinner.  Olivia fully enjoyed her first pizza experience and even tested limits at the restaurant.  She was banging a toy on the table too loudly and thought it was very funny when her daddy told her "No".  She giggled and then banged even louder!  I think we have another spicy one!

On a completely different note.....I just want to publicly thank all who are helping with the care of our babies back home.  When we started this process leaving our kids was what I dreaded and feared most.  While we have been gone, our kids have had more play dates than I think they normally have in a month's time.  To Nana and Poppie.  We can't possibly thank you enough for how you are loving and caring for our kids.  We have been able to fully focus on Olivia during this trip without a worry or care for our kids.  You are amazing and so appreciated!  We are certain Olivia couldn't have made it as far as she has in such a short period of time if you weren't home caring for our kids.  THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  We love you and can't wait to thank and hug you in person.


  1. I love this starbucks trip! so happy for daddy. this pearl tradition is so special. can't wait to see the jade bracelet!

  2. love. again and again. deeper and deeper.