Friday, February 8, 2013

Our journey home

We started our travels home on Tues at 5:30 when our train left Guangzhou to Hong Kong. It was an adventure for sure. The train station was absolutely packed because of Chinese New Year. People were sleeping everywhere as they waited on connecting trains to their home village.
Once on the train I was overcome with Nausea and quickly realized I was being affected by whatever Brad had. I took a Zophran and suffered through it. We arrived at our hotel at 9:30 pm and went straight to bed

I woke up vomiting the next morning knowing that our 14 hr flight left in just a few hours. I took another zophran and prayed. Once at the airport we waited over an hour for boarding passes. They had to be hand written because of a printer issue. We made it to security and found that the date was handwritten wrong on the ticket so we had to go back to the ticket counter. Meanwhile I was on the verge of passing out or throwing up.

Checking out the plane that is going to take her across the world to her new home.

We made it to our gate with 20 mins to spare. The flight was okay considering we had a 14 month old with us. She slept about 8 hrs total and ate the rest of the time because that was the only way to keep her happy. I kept a steady stream of zophran in me. It was about an hour before landing when Olivia and I woke up. I realized I was very dehydrated and thought I was going to pass out. All I could do was pray. By the grace is God we made it off the plane, through immigration and onto the next flight. We found some Gatorade in Chicago which helped tremendously.

When we landed in Charlotte we were overwhelmed with emotions. Seeing my babies was the best feeling in the world. We walked own the escalator to a sea of familiar faces. At that moment our fatigue and illness seemed much more minor. We got home and loved watching the kids play. Olivia is already idolizing Kyrie and Brooks surprised us completely with how well he is handling the role of big brother. He is constantly rubbing his sister's back and hugging her while calling her "sweetie".

We are now hunkering down at home and praying for sleep as our little one has her days and nights confused. I will do a post with airport pictures in a few days and continue to update through our transition home.
Thank you to all who have continued to check in on us. It means the world.

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