Saturday, February 23, 2013


Change is hard.  This was our first week alone as a family of 5.  Oma (Brad's mom) was here for our first full week home.   She was a good distraction especially for our little man who is going through a huge change as he moves from baby to big brother.  We saw a bit of regression when Oma was here but, this week it has taken on a whole new level.  Big brother is trying to find his role and is acting out big time.  We are seeking wisdom through prayer on how to best handle his new unkind behaviors.  They are of course being disciplined but, mostly we are bathing him in love.  We are being intentional to give snuggles, praise and one on one time. 

Daddy took Brooks on a date so we had girl time.  Olivia enjoyed dipping her first popsicle in the bubbles.  I don't think she ever even tasted it.

I told Brad the other night that I never imagined the hard part of our transition home being the big kids.  Kyrie did have a couple of rough days but, she has really adapted beautifully.  Olivia is a dream.  She fits in completely and is 100% comfortable in her home.  She runs around squealing and giggling in delight.  Our favorite time of the day is after bath when she runs around naked and gets going so fast she topples right over.  It is amazing to see her let go of her anxiety and just be the joyful child that she was created to be. 

She was sent this toy by her great Aunt and Uncle Barry and Whitney.  She loves it!

Our sweet pea had her first set of blood work this week.  She took it like a champ.  She cried because she did not want to be held down.  Once the needle was out the crying stopped and she was our sweet happy baby once more.  After the blood work I ran to the baby store for another crib sheet.  I let her walk in the store.  Bad move.  The child is a hurricane.  She ran through the store tearing everything off the shelves.  I got her first temper tantrum as she fell in love with a monkey and would not put it down. Yes, I caved and bought it for her.  

Little hurricane has a bit of a naughty side and loves her brother and sister's reactions.  Driving home from gymnastics this week Olivia bit a whole in her sippy cup and quickly realized if she shook it water would go everywhere.  Oh boy did she love the other kids yelling "It's raining" as she shook water and drenched the car.  Her other favorite thing to do is try to stick her finger in the electric socket, wait for someone to say "no" then clap for herself proudly.  Yes, baby proofing is on the agenda this weekend. 

We are loving life with our precious girl.  We couldn't love her any more and we just keep marveling in the fact that she has been ours for less than a month.  We can hardly remember life without her.

 So in love with this face!


  1. She really is too cute, and I love the bows! Hannah still won't leave one on for even a second. I know what you mean about your son having a hard time - our oldest had a really hard time when we brought home his younger brother and it totally caught me by surprise. Hang in there - it will get better! Glad things are going well :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I know it will get better. Today has already been an improvement. I just hate to see him struggling.

  2. It is so hard on the little ones when Mommy and Daddy bring home a direct competitor for their attention-- and toys-- and pretty much everything. Our oldest, Josie, was three when we adopted her little sister, Clara Rose-- who was two-- a mere 14-months younger. Everything in China was fine because our youngest only wanted Daddy, but that started to change when we returned home. We did much of what you are doing-- it takes time.


  3. Love that last pic and have loved catching up!!!