Monday, February 4, 2013

China Day 9

Today was a big day. It was our US Consulate appointment. It marks the end of this long 9 month journey  to Olivia. The oath we took was in a group along with a least 15 other families. Despite the lack of formality I became overwhelmed with emotion during the ceremony. It was amazing to me to think that last week Olivia was an orphan and today she has, "all the gifts and privileges of an American citizen". She won't actually be a citizen until we land in Chicago. One of my favorite parts of this tip has been meeting other families and hearing their stories. It was beautiful watching them in the Consulate today and seeing how far many of them have come since Gotcha Day.

Olivia in her red white and blue outside of the Consulate
We are with our guide Helen. We actually had a different guide, also Helen for our first 5 days.  Olivia LOVES this Helen

After our appointment we went to the room so Olivia could nap. Brad and I packed. We leave Guangzhou tomorrow. We are beyond thrilled to get home but wouldn't trade this experience for anything. China is an amazing place and we have learned so much about the culture and life of the country where our daughter was born. 

Please pray or Brad. He continues to struggle with his stomach. He was stuck in the room all afternoon while Olivia and I played on the hotel grounds. I loved meeting even more families on the playground today.  One of the hardest parts of leaving China will be leaving behind this support system of families who are going through the same thing.  This hotel is an amazing place.  So many families and memories are created here each day. 

This may be my last China post.  We leave the hotel tomorrow at 3:00 to go back to the US Consulate for Olivia's visa.  From there we will catch the 5:30 train to Hong Kong.  Our flight leaves the next morning at 11:10 am.  Please pray for traveling mercies and a sleepy baby on the flights.

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  1. Prayers all over you, and Brad, as you recover your health, please know that from here YOU look like Joseph -- and the three of you look like a holy trinity.Thank you, Brad, for your loving headship of your family, especially for your courage and kindness as husband of Caitlin. You are now the protector of the three children, and we are awestruck by your grace and loveliness as a man, as a husband, as a father. You carry the testimony of Living Waters, Brad. May the Living Water quickly revive you and refresh and restore you to full health for the arduous trip home. And may God bless you, all of you, for manifesting His Lavish Love.