Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reflections on 1 week Home

I'm not gonna lie. Our first 5 days home were ROUGH. We were exhausted beyond belief and there is no sleep wen he baby sleeps with 3 little kids at home. Our first 3-4nights home Olivia was averaging 2-4 hrs of broken sleep. She would only sleep on my chest and went back to her night time grieving. Sweet heart was an angel during the day. This was our light in our sleep deprived state. She absolutely adores Brooks and Kyrie and they love her just a much. We could just sit back and watch the 3 of them interact. We have been waiting for this or so long.

Night 5 Olivia slept until 6:30 am. She was up and down through the night but we finally woke rested. Night 7 was even better. She slept in her crib 6 hrs!!! This is a record. She hasn't stayed in her bed this long since her 2nd might with us in China. I consider this an attachment victory. She is feeling safe that we aren't going anywhere. Poor babe woke up with a fever and started her day with a bottle and Sesame Street at 5:00am. Thankfully we have a doctors appointment today anyway

So it's not all about sleep. Olivia has made other huge strides since coming home just under a week ago. Thanks to Brooks and Ky she now loves bath time. My floor and walls are soaking from 3 kids splashing. She is now secure enough to allow me to shower without completely melting down. She wanders the house happily with frequent check ins to make sure I'm around. It's a huge step that she freely lets me out of sight. Her attachment is growing in that she refuses food from Kyrie and will only eat from Brad or I. She now seems to be slowing down when full. Initially she would eat to the point of vomiting. Brooks taught her to play hide n seek. She idolizes him and he can get her laughing harder than anyone else. Little lady loves kids. She waves to everyone at preschool and loved meeting some new friends in the cul de sac earlier this week. She is just a joy to watch blossom

Words she knows: Hi, dog, dada, mama, Olivia, baba (bottle), signs more (pretty impressive for 2 weeks of English)
Love how she is squatting like a little Asian
 Making huge strides with daddy.  Pulled on his pants to pick her up here.
Sweet sisters

Horrible pic but had to document the first happy bath

Update: We went to the doctor and Olivia is in perfect health.  She weighs 17.5 pounds which doesn't even place her on an American growth chart.  She is in the 10% for height.  On the Chinese growth chart she is in the 50% for both height and weight.  We have to take her later this week for blood work. 
 Can you tell we play a lot of dress up around here?



  1. Oh this is very good, very very good -- thank You, thank You Holy Awesome Most Merciful and Mighty Triune GOD!

  2. such a fun glimpse of your new lives. glad you are all now sleeping and the playing comes so naturally. evidence of a precious 1 year old ready to trust and love.