Sunday, February 3, 2013

China Day 8

We had a fun day at Safari Park.  It is an amazing zoo-like park where one side is a traditional zoo and the other side you ride a tram through to see the animals in their natural environment.  It was amazing to watch and the animals appear very well cared for.  Olivia was more interested in her musical toy, cheerios and napping in the ergo than she was checking out the animals.  Brad and I enjoyed it though and the weather cooled off today which was nice.

Our travel mates

 Kyrie  this is for you.  They are baby Pandas in an incubator

Olivia had her best day yet. She had zero grieving and only fussed when she wanted out of the stroller for a nap in the ergo and when she was hungry. She has been exploring our room and playing independently. She is a little sponge. She now signs "more" and is leaning so many English words and phrases. This afternoon she brought me a sock and I told her to bring it to daddy to put on. She walked right up to him and even sat on his lap without crying. We are so proud of how far our brave girl has come in a little less than a week. 

Someone discovered herself in the mirror today
 She loves her belly button.  I so remember Kyrie being the same way at this age.

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