Saturday, July 6, 2013


I never had a sister but, always wanted one.  I am so happy my girls have each other.  They are certainly a special pair.

When we waited for Olivia I would often find Kyrie in bed sleeping with her baby sister's framed photo.  Their bond continues to grow as the days go on.  "KyKy" is the first person Olivia asks for when I lift her out of the crib in the morning.  Kyrie loves having a real live doll to dress and Olivia happily plays "baby".  They both have a love for shoes and anything girlie.  We often refer to Olivia as a little Kyrie as she has just as much energy has our Ky always had. 
I can't wait to watch these two grow as sisters and best friends.

Playing baby, "rocking to sleep".  Shh don't tell Ky her Mei Mei shirt means little sis.  We had a mix up in China ;)

This is moments after Olivia was put in time out for doing something naughty.  She ran to her sis for consoling.

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  1. Me too always wanted a sister and never had one. So adorable to see this relationship flowering -- just adorable. Thanks for sharing. You are such a great mumma...