Saturday, July 6, 2013

American Girl Store

Kyrie has been waiting for the past year for a trip to the American Girl store to celebrate her 6th birthday.  My mom and I talked about this trip when I was pregnant with Kyrie and we hoped that we would have a girl who enjoys babies as much as I did as a child.  For anyone who knows Kyrie, they know we got our wish and more.  The child is a little baby whisperer. 

Nana flew into town and the next day we left to travel to Atlanta which has the nearest American Girl Store.  We stayed in a hotel and had a "fancy dinner" at Kyrie's request which included mac n' cheese and her first Shirley Temple.

We woke up the next morning and headed straight to the boutique. Kyrie started squealing as we drove up.


Once inside we walked around just loving watching Ky take it all in.  She showed Lily Elizabeth (her Bitty baby named after her cousin) everything on the shelves and let her try out a few of the Bitty Baby accessories.  We have enjoyed reading the Felicity books this summer so Ky was a bit bummed when I told her Felicity has been retired.  After looking at the historical dolls, we made our way to the American girl section.

It only took Kyrie a few minutes to spot the doll she really wanted.  We were so proud that she made this decision with no tears as the whole store was a bit overwhelming.

 As soon as the decision was made, Kyrie picked out a matching outfit for she and her doll and quickly changed.
Up next was a hair appointment and ear piercing for her doll courtesy of Nana.

We had about an hour before our lunch reservation so we shopped around the mall then headed off for the birthday celebration.

Boy, do they know how to make a little girl feel special.  They greeted Kyrie with a birthday hello and had high chairs waiting for her two dolls.  The dolls were even given birthday crowns that matched Kyries and little cups and saucers.  For her appetizer Kyrie ordered yogurt and fruit cabobs.  The yogurt came in a flower pot.

The grande finale was a beautiful and very delicious cake that came to the table.
I am quite sure this will go down in the memories as one of the best birthday celebrations ever.  As Kyrie said while at the store, "This is like a dream come true". 
Both my mom and I got home saying we wanted to go back.  It was a place that was fun for girls of all ages.

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