Thursday, July 25, 2013


Six years ago, my dream of becoming a mommy came true.  I held my beautiful daughter and my world changed forever.  I am so proud to be Kyrie's mommy.  She is a child with a huge heart for others, who loves God and amazes us each day.  We are so proud as we watch how she cares for her younger siblings. When in public she is constantly complimented by strangers on what a nurturing sister she is.  Kyrie is about to start Kindergarten and we can't wait to watch her blossom this year.

Like usual, Kyrie was up by 6:00am on her birthday.  She came out of her room all dressed and had even dressed her brother in "handsome clothes".  She couldn't wait one second longer to open gifts but, I did my best to stall her.  We finally Skyped daddy at 6:30 am so he could enjoy watching her open her gifts.

Later in the morning our friends Jennifer, Katie, Kylie and their cousin Jake come for a swim.
 Brooks was worried Olivia was swimming in the deep water and went to rescue her
We had a quiet afternoon at home
Girl after my own heart.  Loves word searches.
When Nana and Poppie were finished working for the day we ordered Kyrie's request of Chinese food and had a nice celebration.

 Notice the iPad.  Daddy was there for the evening celebration too.
Baby girl ate every. last. crumb.

Happy Birthday sweet girl  We love you!

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