Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Camp Nana and Poppie Week 3

Yep, Nana and Poppie are still putting up with our craziness. 
We started the week with a trip to the dreaded Chuck E Cheese.  The kids loved it and Nana and I treated ourselves to a seafood lunch after.

We spent the next day at the mall shoe shopping because someone who we won't mention (let's just say it wasn't Nana or Mommy) threw away a bag of shoes by mistake.
The kids all walked away with new sneakers and enjoyed a ride on the train that goes around the mall.  We followed that up with lunch at PF Changs (see a theme...kids play....adults eat)
The next morning we headed out for breakfast (man I am realizing we have been eating A LOT)
Breakfast was followed by a trip to the splash park

One afternoon we went my childhood friend Jenn's house.  The kids played with Katie (4) and Kylie (21 mos).  They loved having play mates after so many weeks of just playing together.
(ok, not one of the happiest moments...sippy cup fights)

We also spent some time at home swimming, playing and attempting potty training.

 Poor girl always has an audience
Our week ended with a wonderful celebration of Uncle Josh's Birthday at cousin Lillie's house. 

Nana and Poppie with all of their grandbabies (except cousin Sophia)

 Kyrie had a little early birthday celebration herself.


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