Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our 4th and Final Week in Florida

We started our last week in Florida with a day in the pool.  The kids absolutely love the weekends when Poppie is home to swim.  Poppie has tirelessly worked with Brooks in the pool this summer.  We have not done swim lessons in the past due to his fear of water and how shy he is in new situations.  He couldn't wait to get to Fl and have Poppie help him learn to swim.

This kiddo went from being afraid to jump in with floaties or get his face or ears wet to this in just 4 weeks!  We are so so proud!
That same day, with Poppie's guidance,  Kyrie perfected her dive.
The kids enjoyed a Monday afternoon of golfing with Poppie while Nana, Olivia and I went antiquing.  It was my first afternoon off crutches.  Long story but, saw a doctor down here and the stress fracture was a misdiagnosis.  I have a whole bunch of soft tissue damage that needs addressing at home.
My first morning off crutches Nana had to go back to work for a training.  The kids and I headed back to the splash park and to the playground.  It helped get my confidence up at bit about heading home with this injury.

To wrap up the week we celebrated Kyrie's Birthday, a trip to the beach and of course a huge celebration when we picked up daddy from the airport.
What  a sweet time we had in Florida.  So so sad to say goodbye.

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