Monday, July 15, 2013


One of the perks of our visits to Florida is that both sets of grandparents are within 2.5 hours of each other.  We were able to make the trip to Naples for a visit with Oma.  Hopefully next year we will be able to stay longer.  We saw some of Olivia's insecurities shine though during this trip.  I think it was too much traveling and unfamiliar places for her.  We have to remember she has only been home 5 months.  During the day Olivia was a dream.  She loved her Oma and was our happy silly little girl.  But, nights were rough.  It was almost like when we just returned home from China.  She woke up all through the night and cried her sad quiet cry with tears streaming down her face.  It broke my heart to see that her heart is still mending from the traumas she has faced.

Shortly after we arrived Oma took the big kids to the pool while I had an old friend, Stacey and her kids come over to visit.  It was fun watching Olivia and Stacey's daughter Taylor play.  They are only 2 moths apart and both very strong personalities.  They spent most of the play date hitting each other.  Stacey has a beautiful baby boy, Logan who Kyrie couldn't wait to get her hands on when she came home from the pool.

Oma kept us busy the next day with a visit to Aunt Barb's new home and some shopping.  Kyrie thought it was fun to push mommy around Kohl's in a wheelchair.
Sadly, I didn't bring my camera when we went to the park and the pool but, the kids had a blast.  Olivia learned to float really well in Oma's pool which makes pool time much less scary. Later that afternoon we went to an indoor play area which was perfect for our kids.  It had slides, bounce houses, climbing structures, ball pits and even a dance area.  The kids could have stayed all day. 
 Brooks and Kyrie loved their special date to the library with Oma.  They were so happy to come home with new American Girl and Ironman books.  

We once again celebrated Kyrie's birthday early with a little cupcake celebration and Kyrie's favorite; Chinese Food.

The morning we left I found Brooks crying in his room.  It was so sad to see how upset he was to leave.  We are working on talking through emotions as his sadness quickly turned to anger when I caught him.  I think he was embarrassed.  Oma made everything better by letting him give the kitties some treats one last time.  It was a sweet visit and we can't wait to see Oma again soon.

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