Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Camp Nana and Poppie Week 1

The highlight of our summer is always going to Florida to spend an extended amount of time with the grandparents.  This summer we couldn't have had more perfect timing as I experienced a stress fracture of the hip just before our trip.  I can't even describe what a blessing it has been to be with my parents during this time.  My mom has completely taken over meals, laundry, car seat buckling, cleaning..I could go on and on.  I have been able to rest and allow my injury to heal in a way that never would have happened at home.  I am forever grateful for my mom's help and my dad's entertainment of the kids to help wear them out.  I am sure they are completely exhausted but, I can say the memories my kids are making this summer will be forever cherished.

As always, my mom helps with one leg of the drive to or from Fl.  This year she helped us drive down since we started the trip with the American Girl Experience.  Within 15 minutes of walking in the door the big kids were in the pool.  Olivia remembered Nana and Poppie from our trip in May which made her transition to their house so much easier.  She was right at home and ran up to Poppie for hugs.  Such.a.blessing!
Kind of ashamed of this pic.  2 kids on iPhone/iPad and one climbing Poppie like a monkey. 
The first few days we were in Fl we enjoyed playing outside and swimming in the pool while slowly recovering from the long drive and acclimating to the kids sharing a room (lots of late night and early morning chatter).

 Ky loves putting sissy in the swing and pretending she is a baby.  Obviously Olivia thinks it's fun too.
 Oh if only they were this sweet together all the time

Brooks and Nana enjoyed a date to the movies to see "Monsters University".  He smiled from ear to ear as he left for his special time.
We celebrated Independence Day with the kids first "At Home" fireworks experience.  Poppie was a good sport and lit some fireworks and Brooks was brave enough to do sparklers.  Just like her mommy Kyrie kept her distance.  Nana and I attempted to take the big ones to see the fireworks show but, we were rained out.  They enjoyed ice cream and a surprise of pop rocks from Nana instead.
(so bummed I didn't get a cute pic of our newest American citizen on her first Independence Day)

 Someone preferred practicing the Pledge of Allegence more than the fireworks
On Saturday after swimming practice with Poppie Kyrie got a birthday surprise of her very own set of PINK golf clubs.  She and Brooks were thrilled to spend time with Poppie at the practice range. 

We ended the week with a bang!  Olivia landed herself in the ER after climbing the dresser while I was in the shower.  She managed to open the bottle of children's benedryl and consume who knows how much.  Thankfully she was just find but, gave us quite a scare. 
So thankful for the iPad.  4 hrs in a room with a toddler hyped up on Benedryl = NO FUN 

While the girls spent 4 hours at the hospital, Brooks and Poppie worked on swimming, had lunch at McDonalds and went to the practice range for some golf.  (Sadly no pics)

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