Thursday, June 27, 2013

First Haircut

We missed lots of first with our little one so it's fun celebrating even simple milestones.  Olivia's hair suddenly has grown out of control over the last week.  Her bangs were in her eyes and she had a bit of a mullet.  I decided it was time to get her beautified.

I asked for her to have a cute little Asian "mini bob".  It's not quite long enough to be a true bob.  The bangs will keep the hair out of her face since she tends to pull her bows out after 2 seconds.

Love her sweet little cut and girl was a dream.  She sat patiently and seemed to enjoy the pampering.  Watch out daddy.  She might be a spa girl.


  1. Cutie... will miss you guys... can't wait to see how much she grows with a month of FL sunshine!