Thursday, May 23, 2013


Soccer took over our house this fall.  Brooks played in a clinic which was actually a bit of a bust but, he enjoyed the t-shirt, shin guards and cleats Ha! 
Kyrie played her second season of soccer and continues to LOVE it!  Thursday practice and Saturday games were the highlight of her week.  Brad coached the team again and they enjoyed special time during practice as it was just too much for me to drag the other two kids during the dinner hour.  I did love watching the games.  Many of the kids were the same from the fall and it was amazing watching them transform after two seasons.  We are so happy our girl has found a team sport she loves.

 Reese and Charlotte came to watch a game.  The little girls loved sharing a big chair together.
This is B's typical face when he is showing Liv love

Coach Daddy having one last huddle.  Notice someone snuck in.
Yay! Daddy is done coaching.  He is all mine now!

Coach daddy presenting his girl with her trophy.

Good Bye soccer season.  See ya next fall!

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