Thursday, May 23, 2013

18 months

Today we celebrate Olivia's 18 month birthday.  We do 1/2 birthday celebrations in our house.  This is a tradition Brad's mom started when he was young and we thought it would be fun to continue with our kids.  Although, I must admit now that we have 3 is seems we are celebrating a birthday constantly.

We were going to go out for ice cream but because Brooks came down with a fever virus we stayed home and had cupcakes.  I am quite certain Olivia was happy about our change of plans. 

Today wasn't all celebrations.  We had Olivia's well visit which required 2 vaccines.  Sweet girl cried for just a moment and then forgot all about what had just happened.  We also found out that she is now officially on the growth charts.  She weighs 20.6 lbs (was 16.8 when we got her) and is in the 25%.  She is also in the 25% for height.  The doc was impressed with her language and couldn't believe her huge personality.  She had the whole staff cracking up.  That's our girl!

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