Sunday, May 26, 2013

Moving Up

This week Kyrie graduated preschool.  She will be 6 in July so she could have gone to Kindergarten last year but, for a variety of reasons we chose to do a year of TK (transitional Kindergarten).  We prayed and prayed over this decision and God led us to TK. It is amazing how much this year has blessed our whole family by having Kyrie around more.

She has been attending the preschool at our church since she was 2 and it has become a second home to our family.  I watched my sweet girl transform from a 2 year old who had to be picked up early on many occasions because she was so upset to a 3 year old who couldn't wait to go to school.  In the 4's class she struggled some with attention and shyness in new situations.  But, by the end of her 4's year thanks to her wonderful primary teacher and her music teacher she gained the confidence to get up on the stage and sing a solo at graduation.  Now, in TK our girl has soared.  She is confident, outgoing, kind hearted leader. (Do I sound like a biased mom?)  Our family will forever be thankful to the teachers at her school who guided her through these foundational years.

Graduation was a very emotional day for me as a mom.  Kyrie and I are both ready for her to move up to Kindergarten.  But, I will miss her so much next year.  I will miss her chatter, her questions and her constant desire to learn.  Most of all I will miss she and Brooks playing dress up and bride and groom all day.  I have fears about her leaving the cushy Christian school she has attended with 7 other classmates to a sea of 24 kindergartners from all backgrounds.  She is about to experience life from a whole different perspective and my prayer is that we have given her a foundation to stand for her beliefs and be a Christian example to others. 

A photo from the slide show before graduation.  I am convinced they just had the slide show to watch the moms cry.
The processional. Note Ky's dress: Her daddy surprised her and took her shopping the night before for a special graduation dress.  So sweet
Saying her verse:  "I praise because I am fearfully and wonderfully made" Psalm 139:14

 Receiving her diploma

 Amazing Teachers: Mrs, Ann and Mrs. Julie

Future Husband Holden

We are so proud of you baby girl!  Happy graduation day!

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  1. Love this post and love her... I even got tears in my eyes looking at her getting her diploma and hugging her teachers. So special!!! She will do wonderfully as a Kindergartner - and a share-er of Christ's love.