Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Oma's Big News

Oma came to visit at the end of August and to keep Olivia company while I worked.
Somehow in the midst of her visit we finally convinced her that our kids are pretty cool and that she is missing out on lots of fun with they by living in Florida.  So, she when she got home, her house went on the market the very next day!  We are so looking forward to having family closer. 
Here are some of the moments that we think helped convince Oma that South Carolina really is better.
See that finger print at the top?  That's Oma's.  She was our first day of school photographer
Oma loved our nightly visits from our deer family

And daily tea parties with Olivia

She laughed at our crazy kids on the tube

And helped clean up poop from our deer family

And marveled out our cutie pie's artwork

She surprised Brooks and Kyrie at school for lunch
And enjoyed many glasses of wine around the dinner table.  That's truth and I will tell ya wine is necessary in this house.

So, when she made her decision to move, naturally we bought her a South Carolina wine glass as a birthday gift.
Now we just need to teach Oma how to say ya'll.

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