Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I'm only a month and a half late on Kyrie's birthday post. 
It was such a special weekend celebrating our biggest girl.  Nana flew in and Kyrie had great plans to spend her actual birthday at the American Girl Store.  She loved the idea of picking out her own gifts this year and she did a fabulous job of knowing her budget and shopping wisely..
Her choices were a trundle bed for her girls, glasses for Kit and the Saige movie.
Of course because Kyrie had a fever and you should never be sick on your birthday sweet Nana threw in a set of matching PJ's for Kyrie and Kit.
Early morning gift opening.  Presents from Oma, Nana and Poppie, Brooks and Olivia.

Her new Karaoke machine from Nana (Our ears will never be the same)

American Girl loot

Uncle Keith stopped by for a visit and brought the bday girl a beautiful new dress.

Ky had a little celebration with classmates on the boat. Daddy wasn't so sure he was liking all the boys Ky chose to invite ;)

 I was just telling Kyrie that I think 8 is my new favorite number.  She is growing to be such a fun young lady who still has a lot of little girl left in her.  Every day I am amazed at her huge heart and what a nurturing gift she has been given.  I can't wait to see God's plans for her life. 
We are so proud of you Kyrie and we look forward to our next 8 years of hugs, kisses, laughs and smiles.
At 8 you are an:
  • Avid gymnast.  Seriously, you handstand, cartwheel and backbend everywhere!
  • Lover of crafts, sewing and knitting
  • Butterfly catcher
  • Daredevil
  • Best big sister
  • Fashionista who loves to wear fake pink glasses and fancy dresses
  • Sugar eater, especially if its sour and sugar
  • And the three words I used to describe you to your new teacher: Vibrant, Energetic and Nurturing

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