Tuesday, September 8, 2015

End of Summer 2015

Summer came and went too fast. 
We returned from camp Nana and Poppie and had a month left before school.
Our time was spent at the pool, on the boat, in a few camps and just enjoying time together.
The boat is like magic to put Olivia to sleep
Brooks completed his first all by himself sewing project: a sleeping bag for puppy

We visited old friends at their mountain house

Kyrie and I saw Annie on broadway with friends

Kyrie made her first dress all by herself

Brooks finally got to join our traditional "big kid week"  First stop was for their very own library cards

They also chose to paint pottery

 After many months of waiting, Olivia got her very old Ponto hearing device

Boat tricks

Val acts about 10 years younger when she is on the boat.  It's her happy place

The kids learned to fish

We took a family weekend to Charleston for Olivia's craniofacial team

We bowled with friends

We said sad goodbyes to great neighbors and friends

We pampered ourselves a little bit

What a great summer it was!

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