Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back to School 2015

Second grade, Kindergarten and 3 day 3's preschool!
 I prayed and prayed all year for my children's teachers.  I prayed with extra fervor knowing the start of this school year will be rough with my trip to China.  We feel like we hit the jackpot and could not have asked for more nurturing teachers for our three children.  Such a praise!
2nd Grade!
With a rough start to her year last year we were thrilled to watch Kyrie's excitement about 2nd grade.


 Brooks went to Kindergarten with such confidence and excitement.  That wore off after the first day when he realized how long 7 hrs at school is.  But, he was fast to adjust, make new friends and was most excited about the opening day of the school store.

The only tears on the first day were from mommy.  Believe me it's not any easier sending baby #2 off to school.
Thankfully Oma was here so I was able to go join some friends for Mimosas for Mommy which helped distract me for a few hours.

Finally, 2:45 came around

Can you tell I couldn't wait to get my arms around those two?

For the next two weeks, Olivia asked every day if it was her turn to go to school.  Thankfully Oma was here to keep her occupied. (Next post)
When it was finally her turn to go to school, Olivia ran right in like she owned the place.

Doesn't everyone need a snowball after their first day of school?

I know it's going to be a wonderful year sweet babies.  Have fun and be kind.

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