Monday, October 14, 2013

A Day In The Life

Today was just a typical day in our life.  But, I wanted to document it so I will always remember these simple yet special moments.  In my life group we have talked a lot about seasons and how hard this season of mothering young children is.  I am aware that this season will pass way too soon and I never want to forget what life was like now.
We woke up at our usual 5:50 am so I could head down stairs for my quiet time and cup of coffee before chaos.  This morning Olivia was up at that ungodly hour too.  We snuggled on the couch and she asked for "Gabba Gabba" while I read my bible.  As usual the older ones ran down the stairs promptly at 6:20.
We were out the door at 7:15 as Brad had to be at work early so I was in charge of driving Kyrie to school.  The little ones and I came home briefly only to turn around and head uptown for Brooks's 4 year well visit.  There we found out he has and ear infections and could not have any shots.  Olivia got her flu shot.
We went to our favorite park and met some friends there.

It's moments like these when I realize how far these two have come.  If you have read the blog you may remember these days.  Our sweet boy has come so far as he has transitioned to his role of big brother.  Today at the park a little boy got too close to Olivia and Brooks said, "Hey be nice to my baby sister.  She was just born in China."  Another mom commented on how sweet and protective he was.  I just kept thinking how grateful I was to hear his words.  The bond that we have prayed for is certainly now there.

After the park we went to eat lunch with  Kyrie at school.  This as become our tradition every Thursday.  We love our time with her and she thinks it's pretty special to eat on the stage with her family.

It's 2:14 and about time to get Kyrie off the bus.  Olivia is waking up from her nap and round 2 of the day is about to begin.  Thankful for the chaos of this season.


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