Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Since we are all spread throughout the country, we don't get to see our extended family much but, when we do we do it up big.  Last weekend we had family fly in from Kansas and Chicago which meant there were 11 of us in the house.  We had six cousins ranging from 1 year to 10 years.  I had what felt like a weekend off.  There was zero whining, zero fighting and there were built in babysitters.  The only thing I did was cook, eat, drink, enjoy time with my our family and sleep a little.

This weekend was especially special because Brad's sisters and their families hadn't met Olivia yet.  As expected she warmed up to them immediately and they loved her completely.  Olivia was named after the Tinsman family so it was beautiful to watch them all love on each other.

There was lots of snuggle time
(Brooks, Julia, Kyrie, Eden, Molly)
Eden was one of Olivia's babysitters
A real live baby doll

 I love this zany guy.  He got into the big girls legos

I made sure to have some "drumstick" ice creams in the house in honor of Grandpa Sund.  We all know he would have had them for all of his grandbabies.

Brooks and Julia have a special bond.  He idolizes her.

Oops they all fell down ( love that Molly was still eating hers as they fell)

On Saturday morning we went to the local fall festival.  The kids had a great time and because they weather was pretty cold and gloomy it wasn't crowded at all.

Kyrie had her last soccer game of the season.  She loved having her aunt and uncle and cousins there to watch her make 2 goals.  I loved that Aunt Laura stayed home to babysit Olivia so I could actually watch the game.

Big hugs for proud coach daddy after she scored her goal
Brooks and Julia always holding hands.

That night we had a camp fire.  It was so fun to watch director Kyrie come up with skits.  Each cousin had parts in the skits.  We loved watching their creative little minds.

Being the only boy Brooks was the prince in all of the skits 

Eden "the house", Kyrie "the fox" and Molly "Little Red Riding Hood"

My children sobbed and sobbed when their cousins left.  We hope next time we don't have to wait so long before seeing each other again. 

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