Tuesday, October 1, 2013


"Be careful what you pray for".  Brad likes to remind me of this almost daily.  You see when I was pregnant with Brooks, I prayed and prayed for a Momma's boy.  Kyrie was her daddy's side kick from day one.  I just wanted a little boy to snuggle with.  God sure did deliver!  This boy has me wrapped around his finger and he is around mine.  We share a very strong bond and my heart melts each time I see him smile.  Unfortunately, this makes parenting this guy a challenge.  Right now we are dealing with boundaries surrounding momma time and trying to teach some independence.  Letting them go is so hard, especially when they resist it.

Today we celebrate 4 years of this precious boy coming into the world.  Four years ago he surprised us by coming two weeks early.  I will always  remember the first time we locked eyes and fell in love.

Four years later Brooks is all boy.  He loves every thing super hero and Cars.  He has a little too much love for TV, chips and Cheetos.  Brooks idolizes his big sister and this year has transformed into the role of big brother beautifully.  He loves his friends well and is starting to talk openly about what it means to have Jesus in his heart.  

Just like his daddy Brooks is a sensitive guy who would rather hang with a few close friends than be part of a large crowd.  With that in mind we decided to invite some of his best buddies over to celebrate his birthday with a super hero themed play date.  I knew it was the perfect idea when Brooks candidly said to me, "Mommy thank you so much for planning this party for me."

These boys have been friends since birth.  They share the sweetest friendship.

Noah needed a lick of the Ninja Turtle too

Olivia clearly loved the ice cream cake

On the official day, Brooks was up bright and early and ready to celebrate Ninja Turtle style.

 We love you to the moon and back sweet boy of ours.  Can't wait to celebrate you in Disney this weekend.

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