Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hello Summer

Brooks has been out of school for a few weeks now and Kyrie had her end of Kindergarten performance on Friday.  I am not a crier but, when it's about my kids, specifically my kids growing up and moving on, I cry.

We started the end of the year festivities with Kyrie's kindergarten music program.  She went in thrilled that she was asked to say a line and she practiced over and over.  When she got up there she said her line beautifully, then she froze.  Poor girl was so disappointed in herself.  We of course felt badly for her but, were just as proud.

I am pretty sure Kyrie's stage fright motivated Brooks to do well during his performance.  He has ALWAYS run off stage crying but, this time he ROCKED it.  We spent the week leading up to the performance praying together for bravery and strength to do something scary.  We wanted this so badly for our sweet boy who struggles with self confidence.  What a wonderful learning experience for our little man to see his prayers answered.

When he walked in calm and not red faced I knew it would all be okay.

Checkin to make sure daddy and big sis are watching

Right about now the tears from momma started and didn't stop.  

A week later we had Kyrie's end of the year Kindergarten performance.  Like, Brooks we talked a lot with Kyrie about her anxiety on stage.  Explaining it's normal.  She assured us she would be okay because it was a smaller performance and in her class room.  

 Mrs. Swigunski has accepted a position as reading specialist therefore, it is her last year teaching Kindergarten.She said a little good bye speech to the parents and students.  She cried through the whole thing explaining what a special bunch our children were.  I lost it and cried through the whole performance.  All the memories of that first day of Kindergarten came flooding back.  What a year of growth it has been for our six year old.

"N is for never we will never forget our fun year"

Her cubby.  Love how Mrs. Swigunski asked them to keep a family photo in their cubby so they would feel more at home.

 Mrs. Misenheimer and Mrs. Swigunski.  Such amazing teachers.

No family photo.  Brooks had a fever and Olivia was melting down as it was way past nap.  Not pretty.

Now on to First grade. 
 I have never been so happy to have all my little babies home for the summer.

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