Monday, June 2, 2014


Over Memorial Day Weekend we got brave and decided to go camping....with....10 kids.....aged 6 and under.  Yes, we are a bit nuts.  Because this was a last minute decision we decided to camp in our backyard rather than scrambling to find a vacant camping spot on a holiday weekend for our large crew.

All I can say is Thank God we just camped in the back yard.

The night started out great.  We cooked out, pitched our tents, played yard games.....

Three little jail babies.  They loved to run against the tent and bounce back like ping pong balls 

Cutest mullet wearing girl I have seen

Then we had a camp fire and roasted s'mores.  That's when it all changed.  Kyrie had a panic attack about foxes eating her and said under no circumstances would she sleep outside.  Another mommy and daughter went home to sleep in their comfy beds.  A daddy who was parenting solo for the weekend decided he didn't wanna brave it with a 6 year old and 2 year old.  Shortly after at 10:30 pm, another mommy left with a rowdy 2 year old.  So...that left just 3 dads and  5 kids.  Until finally, Olivia dropped out at 12:30 am.  Verdict is out if she actually slept outside or was playing possum until that wee hour when her daddy gave up and brought her to me.

Despite little sleep, the memories were grande.  
We have called this our First Annual Memorial Day Camp out.  So....Until Next year!

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