Saturday, January 25, 2014

Inbox Surprise

Today I received the most wonderful surprise. New photos of Olivia in China.

I have mentioned my friend before who I connected with because our daughters were at the same orphanage and adopted just a week apart.  She has been a blessing in my life and we keep Cecelia's photo framed in Olivia's room.  As you can tell from these photos they were best buddies and it our hope they will remain China sisters for life. 

While Cecelia was in China her mom sent a USB in hopes of receiving photos in return.  She told me today that when the orphanage handed it to her it was still in plastic so she figured it was never used.  Much to her surprise when she plugged it in today, a year later they found 38 new photos and a few included Olivia.

What a blessing that when I put them on the iPad they were time stamped so I know exactly when they were taken and relate back to Olivia's exact age.  My fellow adoptive mamas know what this means to me.


These photos were taken on Nov 22 just a day before our girl's first birthday. 

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