Thursday, January 30, 2014


On Sunday we gathered with Life Group friends and family to dedicate Brooks and Olivia to the Lord.  Kyrie was baptized as an infant.  We wanted to make sure that she was included in the event and asked if she would memorize a scripture verse.  She was more than happy to do so.

It meant so much to us to have the Brooks and Olivia dedicated together given the story of how their relationship has unfolded over the past year.  The weekend we chose also was significant as it was two days before Olivia's Forever Family Day.  So we decided to have a big celebration after the dedication as a small way to thank our Life Group family who supported us from the first mention of adoption right through our first year home.

Brad built us a beautiful fire to gather around for the ceremony

"Oh Mom" she said as I was getting teary telling her how proud I am of her
(and yes I am reading notes from mom phone.  Public speaker I am not)

As the marriage is the forefront of the family, our pastor encouraged us to renew our vows.  What a difference 9.5 years makes.  This time I had a clingy two year old in my arms.


Sweet boy and his daddy praying 

And at the end the crowd went wild.  Maybe the most unconventional dedication ever!  But, just he way we like it.

We went inside and dined on Chinese Food made by our neighbor who owns the local Chinese restaurant.

And of course we ate cake!

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