Wednesday, December 4, 2013


A Mother's intuition. It's so true. Us mommies know when something is wrong with our babies and we will fight for an answer.  

The first night we were in China I told Brad there seemed to be something wrong with Olivia's breathing. She snored very loudly and even during the day sounded congested and raspy. At that point we felt it could be because China was experiencing some of the worst smog in history. 

We got home and the International pediatrician put her on the first of four antibiotics she would have for a sinus infection.  We were told over and over by pediatricians, ENT, craniofacial docs that she must be like 95% of Asians and have a dairy allergy.  I didn't buy it but, took her off milk products for 6 weeks with no change.  

Finally, at the recommendation of our speech therapist and my persistent mommy intuition we got another opinion from an ENT at a different practice.  I left the appointment in tears. Finally, we had the answer we were looking for. Olivia's breathing issues, congestion and chronic fatigue could be related to tonsils that were practically touching each other as well as enlarged adenoids and severe sleep apnea. He couldn't quite believe that this was overlooked over and over by other doctors. 

Surgery wasn't considered safe until two years so we scheduled it the week after her birthday. 


The Versed meds were supposed to make her sleepy but made her very angry. The pass off was hard for mama and the hour wait was so very long. It felt like such a relief when the doctor came out and told us that she had done well. Her airway was 95% blocked by her tonsils and adenoids. So so thankful that we persisted for answers and that she never got terribly sick. Our adoption process was lightening speed and now it is clear the Lord was protecting our little girl. 

We were greeted in the recovery room by this guy. The nursed dressed up Olivia's favorite friend. 

Nothing felt better than holding this little girl. You know your world has been changed when your heart and mind turn from your own daughter's pain to feelings of gratefulness. I sat there comforting and rocking Olivia and my mind went to orphans who have endured surgeries without the comfort of a mother or father. I am so blessed that I could hold, kiss, rock and make everything better. I can not fathom a child going through a hospital stay alone. But it happens every day. 

Popsicles helped too. 

So did pretending to be a baby and drinking a bottle 

And she sure is enjoying all the snuggles in momma's bed at night. 

Thankful for a momma's intuition, a wonderful surgeon, minimal pain, snuggles and finally breathing without effort.  


  1. So glad all went well. Hoping for a speedy recovery. Our little one had surgery a few weeks ago and wouldn't you know she had her special friend Brobee with her as well :)

  2. I saw your post with Brobee. Must admit, I find the show a bit creepy but, sure makes her happy. Glad your little one is recovering well.

  3. Wow, I hadn't read this post. So grateful she has been attended and will breathe so much easier for the rest of her LIFE. How good is GOD! xoxo