Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oma Visit

Oma came for Thanksgiving and we were blessed to have her stay an extra week to help out during Olivia's surgery.

I am not sure how we would have survived the first few days post-op without Oma here to help.  She did the driving, grocery shopping, bed time, cleaning and entertaining.  I was able to fully focus on holding and comforting Olivia.  I realized on Friday, 5 days after the surgery that I hadn't been out of my yoga pants all week.  Thank you Thank you Oma!

Celebrating Olivia's 1st Thanksgiving HOME

Post Op Snuggles

We went through boxes and boxes of frozen Go Gurts

I love these three buds

Oma told everyone to sit down and close their eyes (daddy is peeking)

When they opened them, Oma surprised them with an early Christmas since she won't be with us.
The girls loved their new night gowns to match their babies and Brooks loved his Woody jammies.

Liv looks silly in her new slippers

Kyrie had been eyeing a new outfit and Oma surprised her with it.  Can you tell she liked it?? Olivia got a matching one which made it even more exciting.

The biggest Batman ever!

The kids have never had Oma around for so long and it was great watching them with her.  There were many tears shed when she left.

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