Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance

Kyrie's school had a Winter Wonderland dance.  We decided it would be extra special if she and her daddy went on a date for some good one on one time. 
They both took it very seriously. 
 Kyrie referred to him as her groom and insisted she get ready in the kid bathroom so he wouldn't see her.  We curled her hair and put on a little eye shadow.
Brad bought her flowers and dressed in his finest.  Rumor has it he danced the night away with all of the little girls and they both came home reporting it was a blast. 
I remember going to daddy daughter sock hops with my daddy so it was fun watching Kyrie experience the same thing.

This is so Brooks.  He is just in love with his big sister.  Completely idolizes her.
And I love the way she looks at him.  Such a little mother.


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