Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A New Normal?

Baby girl is 16 months old as of two days ago and we have had her in our arms just shy of 2 months.  Dare I say we have started a new normal?
Things around here are starting to feel "right" and I am no longer afraid that the ball will drop at any second.  Big brother is back to his happy, sweet and snugly self.  Of course he has his 3 year old moments where he pulls someones hair or throws a tantrum over not getting his way but, his smiles and giggles are back.  Seeing this makes me realize just how much he was struggling those first few weeks.

Love his concentration as he paints his car
And Olivia painted herself..... ( you don't even want to know what Brad's neat freak reaction was when he walked into this disaster)
Kyrie continues to amaze us with her love for her sister.  She has not once acted in jealousy.  Has always accepted it when mommy couldn't put her to bed or had to take a moment to break from listening to her practice reading to tend to her sister.  She understands when Olivia needs my lap or I can't get her a drink right away in the morning because Olivia needs me to feed her a bottle.  We are still working on boundaries regarding picking up her sister but, I honestly think she can't help it.  She just loves her so much she can't keep her hands to herself.  One of Kyrie's greatest joys is picking out Olivia's clothes each morning right down to matching socks and hair accessories.  God certainly designed her to be a big sister.  I am so thankful once again for our decision to do TK this year.  Kyrie has had many more hours in her day to bond with Olivia and these moments have been so precious.

Olivia is now on some sort of schedule.  She takes a morning nap, often in the car on the way home from preschool.  On Sunday she naps in the ergo during the sermon.  Did I mention what an easy going child she is.  God knew what I needed.  I couldn't have handled another one who thrived as much on a strict schedule as my other two.  She then naps in the afternoon while Kyrie has quiet time and Brooks naps.  I usually enjoy 45 min to an hour of blissful quiet.  Then, by 7:30 all three are tucked snug in their beds and usually no one stirs until 6 or 6:30.  (**This is on a good night.  I will say we still have random nights where she cries her sad grieving cry.)  Boy have we come a long way in 2 months!

Olivia continues to amaze us with her attachment.  She is growing so much more secure.  I can now run for 30 minutes on the treadmill while she plays in the basement and never once does she fuss for me to pick her up.  Today I had to run outside to move the kids bikes in before it rained and she didn't scream when she saw me leave.  She is accepting Brad more and more each day and allowing him to participate in diaper changes, bathing and feeding.  He has put her to bed once but, she really struggled with that and we have decided to let that go for now and focus on what she is comfortable with. 

When she first came home, Olivia was named "hurricane".  This was because she got into EVERYTHING.  She still does but, its so much better.  She is not only learning boundaries but, she now has purposeful play skills which occupy her time and keep her out of trouble.  She loves to stack blocks, play musical instruments, hammer, dance and is now interested in feeding and rocking her babies (big sis couldn't be happier). 

To me this picture speaks volumes.  She used to look at a baby and throw it.  Now, she cuddles, kisses and talks to her dolls.  She is learning what it means to be a mommy.

Our love continues to grow deeper and deeper each day for this precious gift.  I truly can't remember life without her.  God designed her perfectly for our family.  She has a fiery temper, a loving heart and she is louder than loud just like the rest of our crew.  We are thankful each day for the gift that she is to us. 

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