Thursday, November 15, 2012

Too much excitement for one night

We got word last week that our LOA was at the office to be issued.  Our agency was not being clear AT ALL about how fast it would take to actually be sent but, I was content knowing that at least it would be sooner than later.  After dinner last night, Brad took the kids up to bath while I cleaned up.  I decided to check my email quickly before heading upstairs to help with bath time.  There it was....the email we had waited for for 48 days!  Yes, I counted and yes, I read Psalms every most days.  We received LOA and boy was it a beautiful sight to see our names printed on an official Chinese document that also contained our daughter's name. 

Things couldn't have been much more exciting until I checked my mail during a movie that Brad and I were watching.  I had an email that said pictures from H.... SWI (not putting the name for obvious reasons).  I couldn't believe it.  It wasn't from the person who we ordered the care package from.  I opened the email and it was from another adoptive mom who found me on a forum.  She had pictures from her daughter's birthday party and thought Olivia might be in them.  We of course were beyond thrilled and asked for her to please send the pictures.  Sure enough, we recognized our sweet girl immediately.  It was so nice to see her looking healthy and most of all well cared for.  The nannies were smiling and looked so engaged with the children.  Of course the wooden/metal cribs break my heart.  We are beyond excited that the birthday girl is just a few months older than Olivia and hopefully they can remain in contact through childhood because in the pictures they appear to be buds.  As only God would orchestrate, Olivia is wearing a lamb shirt in her photos.  My mom's gift to all new babies in our family is a stuffed lamb.  Could it be any more appropriate?

Because we still can't post pictures of our beautiful little one, I will share a sweet picture of Brooks and Kyrie mailing our I800 form bright and early this morning.  This form claims Olivia as an immediate member of our family and is just one step closer to our TA which we hope is in January.

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