Saturday, November 24, 2012


Yesterday we celebrated our girl's first birthday.  We celebrated with happiness, not sadness knowing that although she is not yet in our arms, this is the last birthday she will be alone.  She will never again have a birthday without her family. 

To honor her day, we sent a package which contained a birthday cake, stuffed toy, photo album of our family and a disposable camera so hopefully we can have some party pictures.
Here at home, we wanted to celebrate our girl as well in a simple yet meaningful way.  We decided to do a balloon release with the kids.  They each drew a picture for her and we tied them to a balloon and let it go to China.  We plan to continue this each year on Olivia's birthday but, will send a balloon to her birth mother in China.

  After our balloon release, the kids celebrated with cupcakes in Olivia's honor.  Even cousin Lillie, Aunt Kat, Uncle Josh, Nana and Poppie were there since it was the day after Thanksgiving.

Earlier in the day, we received the sweetest gift from my dear friend Ashley.  She gathered letters, poems, children's artwork and bible verses composed by all of our dear friends who have endlessly been praying for Olivia.  She placed them all into a butterfly box knowing that butterflies are our prayer trigger for Olivia.  Ashley even made an ABC book with bible verses for each letter of the alphabet.  One of my favorite quotes from all the gifts we received was from our sweet friend Shannon who is a member of our old life group.  She said, "you now have over 21 brothers and sisters and 20 mothers and fathers who love you endlessly".
How could I be sad on a day like this?  In the words of Kyrie, "Mommy are you crying happy tears?".  To which I responded, "Yes, the happiest of tears."

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