Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A package

Next week our newest little princess will turn 1. It will be a day of mixed emotions for our family. We will rejoice that it's her last birthday as an orphan but, be saddened that we can't spend her special day with her. In hopes of her feeling special on her big day, we sent a care package through a wonderful lady that spends her life connecting adoptive families with their new children. The package we chose contained a stuffed animal, a disposable camera which hopefully the nannies will fill with pictures of our baby, a soft photo album with 6 pictures of our family and a birthday cake. We don't expect that Olivia will get to eat any of the cake because as far as we know she just drinks formula and eats Congee (Chinese porridge). We hope that that older children in the orphange enjoy the special treat in Olivia's honor. In addition to the care package, we were allowed to write a letter to the nannies and ask a few questions about our little one. This was the hard part. To me it was very stressful coming up with the questions and making sure that we didn't leave any important ones out. We limited it to about 10 questions hoping we wouldn't overwhelm the nannies. In addition, we thanked them for caring for our girl, asking them to let her know how much she is loved and letting them know how much we desire to meet them in person when we travel to China. We are anxiously awaiting some feedback about our package and our letters. Some new pictures of our sweet girl letting us know that she is healthy and well would be music to my soul. This is the newest family photo we sent to Olivia. Brad and I plan to wear these shirts the day we meet her in hopes she recognizes us through the shirts.

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