Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our life, His story

We have been blessed beyond words, words that are too deep to put into a simple blog post.  God created a story that only he could come up with because we could never have imagined it ourselves.  We were gifted a monetary donation by Brad's sister and brother-in-law so large that they said "we don't want you to worry, we just want you to bring her home".  This gift far exceeds anything we could have ever dreamed of.  I watched my husband humbly fall to the floor in tears saying that, "he no longer has to fear that our daughter will be left waiting while scramble to collect funds".  We are humbled and amazed at their generosity and God's provision through the use of his people. 

I must say that as a mother, the monetary gift means so much but, it is the acceptance of our child that means more than anything.  I love that without ever seeing her face we have family making sacrifices so we can bring home a new member of our family. 

There is a fabulous story behind our gift, one that I would love to share personally with those we know however, we would like to keep the details private to this blog in honor of our daughter who will one day feel incredibly loved by the generosity of her Aunt and Uncle.

"For him and through him and to him are all things.  To him be glory forever.  Amen" Romans 11:36

To Him be the glory as we sit in utter amazement of how we have been blessed along these 4 months of our adoption journey.

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