Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Good News/Bad News

Yesterday was a rough one with our littles at home. I think they are ready for school and the lack of structure and routine of summer is wearing on everyone. They are fighting a lot, running through the house and constantly wrestling. This is making for one worn out and tired mama. In fact we have this verse on our kitchen chalkboard right now and both kids have memorized it over the past two weeks. "Those who love God also love their brother (and sister)" 1 John 4:21. By the time dinner rolled around this mama was done and I needed a walk with my sweet fur baby who doesn't talk back. For some reason on the walk I looked down at my email on my phone. I got the blessing I so needed that day. It was an email from our agency saying our Dossier is complete and ready to go to China. I was in shock. They have taken over all of our authentications and therefore I really had no idea how far along we were. What is even more perfect timing is that today was our fingerprinting appointment which was the only thing the agency was waiting on. I walked home with new energy and couldn't wait to tell Brad.
                                                             Finger printing form
When I walked in the door he was upstairs putting the kids to bed so I opened the attachment of the email. I was shocked to find that we owe $4,150 do send our dossier to China. Deep breath. Sigh. God has taken care of us this far and he will as we move on.

Brad came downstairs and I asked if he wanted the good news or bad news first. He wanted the bad news so I gave him the bill. He was shocked as well but, just as happy as I was to hear about our dossier being complete.

I haven't shared a lot of the financial information on the blog because so much is personal. However, we will give God the glory and say that so far through personal donations, bonuses from Brad's work (never has happened before this adoption), the yard sale, and me picking up PRN jobs we have not yet gone into savings.
We don't know where the next $4,150 will come from but, we have placed our worries in God's hands and we will dwell on the "Good News"

"Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself." Matthew 6:34

If you feel led to support our adoption and our dossier going to China remember that we have a paypal account linked on the left of our page.  Donations are tax deductible.  With love and thanks!

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