Monday, May 14, 2012

Wild Olive Tees

We applied to be a part of a wonderful fundraiser called Wild Olive tees.  This company was started by three adoptive moms who wanted to help offset the cost of adoption for other families.  They produce beautiful inspirational t-shirts for women and children.  Tees must be purchased through the Adoption Fundraiser portion of the website and you must use our family code of SUND513 for us to receive credit. To view the numerous styles offered on the Wild Olive website and order a shirt click the Wild Olive button to the left of our blog.  We hope you love the t-shirts as much as we do.  Nothing will make us happier than seeing our loved ones around town wearing their shirts in honor of our child.  If you do end up buying a shirt please send us a picture of you wearing it so we can post it on the blog. 
Happy shopping!

**side note: we have asked the team at wild olive if a few of the styles could be considered unisex if ordered in the non-fitted style.  We will update when we get an answer.

This shirt is no longer available as an adoption fundraising shirt :(
There are many other beautiful styles available on the website that you can choose from.  We will update the blog with more pictures when our shirts arrive.

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through Wild Olive Tees:)

    So exciting to be starting your adoption journey. We also just submitted our agency application, initial paperwork and are starting our home study - so about in the same place as you!

    Blessings on this journey! Ashley