Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So...why a blog?

The thought of a blog is honestly very daunting.  One of my least favorite tasks is uploading photos.  However, this blog will be instrumental in keeping our friends and family up to date with this whole process.  We will post information as we move through our homestudy, paper work, various approvals as well as when we are in China.  While we are waiting to bring our daughter home we will use the blog to update prayer requests as well as fundraising opportunities)  Adoption is expensive, emotionally taxing and overwhelming.  We are like most others, we hate asking for money or any type of assistance for that matter.  However, we truly feel like this is a call from God and he will provide in larger ways than we could ever imagine. is our first official blog picture.  Kyrie was so excited to mail our homestudy applications and fees yesterday.  She knows she is going to have a little sister from China and can't wait.  In addition to having our homestudy underway we also have chosen an adoption agency.  At this point that agency is reviewing our profile and searching for the daughter that will best fit our family.  The day after the agency received our information we read their newest blog entry.  It said, "Our China Director is currently visiting Changsha #1 Social Welfare Institute, where we are starting our newest partnership program with the orphanage. She has been sending us the cutest pictures of the children there! Those of you who have just applied or are applying are in for a treat once we get those files! Time to get those dossiers done to be eligible for these cuties."  We can't wait to see our cutie's face!!!  I felt like that blog entry was speaking right to our family.


  1. what a perfect big sister. so important that K and B are involved in the process. love the blog...adding to my list!